Lyth: Hymn of the Flesh

Lyth: Hymn of the Flesh: Book One of the Lyth Chronicles


Lyth literally explodes into graphic description from moment one.  You can’t help but form a picture in your mind that transports you into places in the book.  At first you are shocked, you feel for the machine they build, you feel the pain and desperation with his talented way his graphic description leaves no place for mystery.  The unusual thing is that you do not even get introduced to who or what Lyth is until after the initial chapter and then it is not smoothly switched into.  It is like the first story breaks off and wham, there is the story of Lyth at that point.


While both of the ‘factions’ in the book are visually stimulated, it remained confusing and never truly able to interlock with either of the sides.  There is no back ground to Algor and where they are, where they come from , what time frame the story is in, it leaves you truly frustrated that you don’t really know anything about them.  The same goes with the Lyth.  The description is awesome, the moving pictures that ones mind creates is breathtaking.  Though the author does barely touch on the past times with Lyth, it is really not until the end.


This continued confusion of  the two factions, really does this book injustice.  Being the first in a series, without the background of either factions leaves the reader in quandary.  It is so important to let your vision truly be told and using the basics of creating by speaking of the time of when the piece would be in, the culture of the people of Algor, and the various gods that are brought up, as well as it is just as important to go into depth of the people of Lyth and gods and chain of command on that side of things as well.


If Lyth:  Hymn of the Flesh had some background, it would have a much different effect, transporting the reader directly into the places and era and eagerly chomping on the bit for the next book in the series.  With all things considered, I would rate this book 3 stars, and only because of the descriptive talent the author had, otherwise it would have had a much lower score for me.


Hello world!

Since I am not able to work at the present time, I have been blessed with being chosen to be a book reviewer and those that know me know what a avid reader I am, so I am extremely excited.  I will be posting the reviews for the books I read here as well as give the title and authors information so those interested can easily purchase the book.


I look forward to delving into the world of fiction, of the paranormal and mysterious  to the loving sensitivity and compassion or hatred that gets the blood roiling.  🙂  enjoy!